Apart from serving excellent food at Drumquin Guest House, we also offer to take our service to you.

With our vast knowledge and experience, we can take the hassle out of catering for large groups of people.

This is a list of someone of the events we have undertaken in the last couple of years, to give you an example of the type of things we do.

November 2017 Aith Centenary in the Aith Hall a sit down meal for 150 people

November 2017 Aith and Walls Pensioners Christmas Dinner for 120 people

September 2017 Joy and Sean McGregor's Wedding in the Brae Hall for 100 people.

July 2017 Margaret and Kyle's Wedding in the Aith Hall for 150 people.

June 2017 Megan and Neil's Wedding in the Ness Boating Club for 100 people

May 2017 Jolene and Dean's Wedding in the Vidlin Hall for 130 people

November 2016 Hannah and Stuart's Wedding in the Brae Hall for 100 people

November 2016 Aith and Walls Pensioner's Christmas Dinner for 120 people

We have also some hot plated buffets in the following Venues too.

Brae Boating club for 60 people

Voxter House for 30 people

Bixter Hall for 60 people

Sullom Hall for 60 people.

If you would like us to provide catering for your event. Please contact us to arrange to meet with us to discuss your requirements further.

You can view prices and menu options

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